I have been coming to Latifa for over 6 years now and in my 25 years of waxing and sugaring I can honestly say no one does it better! 
The time and care that Latifa devotes to each area ensures that no hairs are missed. 
Her hard work for me has been paying off. During the time that I have been coming to Latifa, hair regrowth has reduced dramatically. Now I hardly notice my armpit hair even after a month of growth. My legs now have large patches of hair free skin. Ingrowing hairs are greatly improved.  Some hairs that I used to pluck and would then vigorously grow back have now gone for good. My skin is healthy and getting less and less hairy with every treatment. 
There have been times during the last 6 years when necessity has meant I had to get treatments elsewhere. I have always come running back to Latifa as soon as I can to get the smooth, smooth finish that only she can deliver.

Sabina, 40

I have suffered with facial hair from the age of 16 years old. It has been an embarrassment ever since. 
I am now 49 years old. I have tried all hair removal methods but they have only made the issue worse.
I met Latifa in the year 2009 and since then my skin and ingrowing hair have improved tremendously. 
I wish I met her 33 years ago. The substances she uses work miracles.
I give thanks to God, Latifa and her products..

Doreen, 49

I have been coming to see Latifa for 3 years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I used to shave my legs, arms and bikini like most girls, for simplicity and from laziness and fear of being waxed.
A friend gave a glowing recommendation, and after asking me to feel how smooth her butt cheeks were (and they were incredible), I realised I had to go.
My first experience was a little tough; un-doing all those years of bad habits, however after the massage, natural aloe and blackseed oil, like child birth; all memories of pain were erased. I now would not consider anything else, I live by the motto: 'I would rather be hairy than pick up a razor'
If you are considering this treatment, I will tell you now it is 100% worth it!!! Not just A-class results but also amazing company...a new friend for life! Thank you for being you and being so great at what you do!

Tash, 26

Before I met Latifa I had been shaving for over 15 years. The hair on my legs was extremely tough and grew back very quickly after each shave. I had terrible stubble and a lot of ingrown hairs especially around my bikini line. I found it very frustrating trying to manage it and it made me very self-conscious. 
I was introduced to Latifa through a friend in 2011. At first I just did my upper legs and bikini line but I felt so confident with her service and enjoyed her company so much I agreed to come back for full legs, bikini line, underarms and upper lip. The results of Latifa's sugaring have been amazing, not just because the product is great but because Latifa really takes the time and effort to get as many ingrown hairs out as possible. She is definitely more stubborn than the hair on my legs and that's really saying something!
I no longer have noticeable ingrown hairs on my bikini line and my leg hair gets finer and fewer every time. The hair under my arms has become very fine and much less hair and when it has been sugared the skin is incredibly smooth - not like the chicken skin it used to be.
I enjoy spending time with Latifa as she is great to talk to and fun to be around. She makes me feel very relaxed - all of which is very important considering the amount of time we've spent together!

Francesca, 29

 I’ve been coming to see Latifa for nearly a year for regular back waxes and the results have been superb. Not only that but the improvement to my skin has been clear to see and her friendly approach means each visit is something I look forward to rather than dread. 

James, 27

What impresses me is that no matter how long it takes, Latifa will painstakingly get every last stubborn hair out! Always pleased with the result, which is more than I can say of any other beautician that I have been to!

Ruth, 35

I’ve been coming to see Latifa ‘Sugar Lady’ for about 18 months now and not only have I noticed my hair becoming softer and finer but it works wonders to my skin too, which is generally softer and smoother (even the patches where I used to get Eczema). Latifa makes the experience a good one every time – great chats and great education around using natural products and general skin care.

Emma, 36

I am a 40 year old Southern Italian woman living in London for the past 15 years. I have always waxed my legs and changed many places from high street shops to upmarket beauty salons in Mayfair where they charged me over £200. Never I got the result I was looking for and have always been disappointed, also for the soreness and pain I felt.
I have now for the first time in my life treatment (full monty!) with Latifa and the results been beyond any expectations, not only it has been very gentle, nearly painless and the skin never got to suffer from the heat or the strip, but the most amazing thing that I thought I never achieve - as I am very hairy person - was the smoothness of the skin, even just after finishing!
I will be Latifa's client for life and I will always recommend her as the best treatment you could have.

Novella, 40

I would highly recommend Latifa, I've been coming since 2012. At first I would scream + swear but now I am silent as a lamb!
She is the most professional, dedicated, warm beauty therapist I've ever met. Latifa introduced me to sugaring as well as the benefits of other natural organic produce and alternative forms of healing which I'm very grateful…
My boyfriend would remark that whilst my thighs resembled ‘girls legs’ below the knee were ‘boys legs’. Gorilla hair sprouting from all areas + lots of ingrowing. Now I'm more of a girl.

Sarah, 27

I feel so lucky to have found the most wonderful gem that Latifa is.
The whole experience is completely unique and so special. The results are like no other and I can honestly say that I can never go back to any other form of hair removal. Once Latifa has finished...the feeling is the most wonderful in the world. I cannot recommend Latifa enough she is one in the million!

Nicole, 26

I have been using the Mabrouka (Sugaring) product for over a year now. Before I met Latifa I was having Electrolysis done on my face and the next day the right side of my face would have a bruise on it like I’d been punched in the face.
I aint gonna lie, first time I came to see Latifa I didn't expect to return and it hurt like hell (as the previous damage to the hair was stubborn man) but the positive feedback from my Mother and Sister made me realise this treatment is better for me than all the other stuff plus beauty is painful!!
I wish I had heard about this natural treatment sooner but overall my face had improved massively and the treatments have made my face more clear, I have less spots and the hair growth is not as intense as before. Coming here has given me more confidence and has boosted my self-esteem. I have learnt so much about natural products and thank you for your time and patience!!

Emilia, 30

I've been using Mabrouka Sugaring for many years now. Before I started I had lots of ingrown hairs on my cheeks and chin which would also make my face appear darker than it was. The method I had been using prior to Mabrouka Sugaring was tweezing and it clearly wasn't working, but instead made things worse.
Mabrouka Sugaring has since greatly reduced the hair growth on my face and I am very pleased. I wish I had discovered Mabrouka Sugaring sooner. Because you also learn about what natural products are best to put on your face to reduce in grown hair and keep the face feeling soft and smooth.
I would very much recommend Mabrouka Sugaring - it's the most effective hair removal treatment you can have!

Kimberley, 37